powerpoint projectors

When you are looking for the right powerpoint projector, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. A business person should look for how easily the projector works with their computer alone with the native resolution of the project and how bright the projections are on onto the wall.

Most of the time the projectors will be conencted directly into your laptop or notebook. Most of the laptop’s and notebooks have a vga connection for external display. This connector has 3 rows of pins and is usally blue.  Some of the Modern laptops and notebooks have DVI connectors, these also have three rows of pins, but had a cross at one end as well, and are usally white. You need to know this when looking for a powerpoint projector as you need to ensure the projector has the same type of power to be able to plug it in. If you goto a store in person, you can usally ask them to look at the notebook or laptop and see which port it is for you, that way you can ensure you’ll get the right type of connection.

The Display ports are universal in nature, but the screen resolustion of the projectors vary greatly from model to model. You need to make sure that the projector can at least do 1024×768 or higher. Alot of the cheaper projectors only do 800×600 and it you can’t really see that much in the projection due to the small size. Some of the higher end models can even do 1280×1024 or higher, this is great if you are planing on using some highly detail powerpoint slides in your presentations.

What you need to also look at, is the weight of the projectors as well, they are ment to be portable, meaning you’ll be traveling with it quite a bit, you don’t want a projector that is so heavy you’ll need to put wheels on it!.

One of the last things you need to look at is the brightness of the bulbs in the projector, if the display area you’ll be using it on is anything under 100 inches then a bulb that is around 2000 lumens should be fine, if you need to go bigger, upto around 130-130 inches, then you should be looking at a bulb with around 2000 lumens. If you need one that is upto 150-160 inches in size, you should be looking at a bulb with a lumen rating of 3500-4000. If you get a bulb that is weak, and try to display it on a big area, it won’t be clear, and the images will be weak and hard to read.

If you use these items as guide when you are going to purchase a powerpoint projector you’ll find you’ll be able to get a good projector you can use, and will display well when needed.